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12th-Jun-2010 11:12 pm - Beta-reader- request
Hi there, I know the last post to this community had been a while ago, but I need a beta-reader....

Title: any
Genre: (Action/Humor/Drama/Crossover/Fluff/Kidfic/Gen/Het/Deathfic/AU/
Pairings or Characters:
Type of beta you'd like:
(grammar/spelling/plot/canon/etc...) I'm from Germany so any of <<<<that over there would be fantastic

Thanks in advantage!

19th-Jan-2009 09:47 am - First-time author
I need a beta who can help me with basically everything I need to know, because this is the first time I've ever posted anything.  So anyone who doesn't mind helping me through baby-steps, let me know!  The first story I want to put on is slash, and just ask for more info I guess.  :) Thanks!

Thanks, Mab!  You were a big help!
13th-Dec-2007 08:00 am - I need a beta
I've got a story coming to an end in the next day or so that needs a beta (or three (o:)

Title: Angel Dust


Pairings or Characters:
Jim, Blair. Henri makes a brief appearance.
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, Briticisms, general comment - the story's had a running beta as it was written so I'm hoping big issues like continuity and character glitches have already been ironed out.

About 40,000 words.

Short Summary Of Your Fic: A sequel to Chasing Rainbows, but quite a bit darker than the original. Jim and Blair try to come to terms with the events in CR; catch a murderer and do battle with a demon. There's some case and action, but it's mostly the mystical stuff. I have one chapter left to write and it's done.

Can anyone help?

12th-Sep-2007 11:05 pm - Beta Info
phoenix bird 4
Genres you will beta: any, though I do prefer slash
Genres you won't beta: none
Pairings you will beta (within your specified genres):  any
Pairings you won't beta (within your specified genres):  none
Gen or Character studies you'd beta: any
Gen or Character studies you won't beta: none
Beta strengths: I am great at finding spelling and grammar issues, but I also look at plot and characterization.
Beta Weaknesses: canon on occasion
Length of the fics you can beta: any, but the longer the story, the longer it will take
Any other info: I am trying to respond within 24hrs to beta requests. However, I do receive a fair amount, so the sooner you send a request, the sooner I will get back to you. Any requests can be posted on my LJ http://leiadiana.livejournal.com/ or emailed to leiadianaminerva@gmail.com
11th-Jul-2007 09:30 am - Moonridge stories
I have three stories that I need a quick beta read for. They are Moonridge stories that are due up for this year. Anyone interested in beta for these can contact me at karieauthoress@gmail.com

10th-Jul-2007 03:57 pm - Need a quick beta, please.

I'm looking for a beta for a story I wrote. It's AU, written for LJ site, rounds of kink. I have to post it on Sunday, so I need someone who can read it quickly. 

I haven't had my computer for a couple of weeks, so it's written last minute, and it's my first story to be posted, so constructive criticism would be appreciated.

e-mail me at needuinsc864@yahoo.com

Tracey J.

Title: You're All I Need

 Drama/ Action/Slash. probably rated FRAO

Pairings or Characters: 
Jim, Blair, Lee Brackett.
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, continuity, character

Stand alone, for now. 1628 words

Short Summary Of Your Fic: Blair & Jim are taken prisoner by the CIA. Jim owies, strong Blair, sex.
7th-Dec-2006 04:05 pm - Beta help wanted
Hi, I've just joined this community and I'm in need of a beta for my latest story.

Title: We'll Be Home For Christmas

 Drama/ Action/Gen

Pairings or Characters: 
Jim, Blair, Naomi, most of the rest of Major Crime
Type of beta you'd like: Grammar, continuity, character

Stand alone/17,000+ words

Short Summary Of Your Fic: The story is complete - Blair has left Cascade because of a misunderstanding with Jim.  It's just before Christmas and Naomi comes to visit and gets into an accident.  It's up to Jim to get Blair back to Cascade. 

(Optional) Sample of your story or a link to something else you've written: I'll include a small sample of my story here

29th-Nov-2006 10:26 am - Beta needed.
falling apart
Like with the previous post, it's for Secret Santa and technically due today, but ainm has indicated I can turn it in a few days late if necessary. So, anyone up for a beta? Comment here or email me: bluebrocade AT livejournal.com.

I'm pretty good at spelling/grammar/etc. I am mostly looking for someone to reassure me about my characterization (did I get the boys right?), canon (did I overlook anything?), and overall plot (is it interesting? what could be changed/improved?).

Help?!? Thanks.
Hey there,

I have a story that's in need of a beta-job. Since my deadline is Nov. 29th I know I can't ask for much and, at this point, am really only asking for language (awkward wording and such).

Since it's a secret story I can't/don't want to give away too much. If you are interested at all, drop me a line with your contact information as a comment to this post. If you have more questions about the kind of story first (length, rating, warnings), I'll gladly tell you privately.

Thanks in advance,

29th-Oct-2006 10:26 am(no subject)
Title: Giving Back

Genre: Slash/Drama/ PWP/ First times

Pairings or Characters: Jim/Blair

Type of beta you'd like: Canon/ Character Voice

Length: Stand alone/5,089 words

Short Summary Of Your Fic: Story is complete. Blair is always giving himself to others, when does he get something back? jim tries to do just that.

Note: betagoddess is working on grammar and punctuation first. I need someoen to deal with the other stuff. Anyone insterested in giving it a shot?
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